Thursday, March 8, 2007


Last night, Brixton Academy.

The evening started with Ladytron, a band from Liverpool. And I realised quite early on that my camera was out of batteries. So typical...

Musically, Ladytron are excellent. I will definitely get their albums asap! (It has been a while I haven't been excited by a band so much that I had to rush to get their music, I can tell you.)

They are really, really dark, think The Cure's Pornography album, but with a dance twist that I just find amazing. Some of the lyrics seemed to be in German - really chilling, German with this monotonous melody...

Actually they reminded me quite a bit of a band called The Faint, which I happen to love. Same principle, dark music with dance beats.

There was something unsatisfactory with last night’s gig though. For some reason, it really seemed that the two singers couldn’t be bothered. Hardly moving, no passion, in other word no stage presence. And that is very frustrating, especially when the music is that good. I don’t know if this is a one-off night or if they are always like that, but these two girls really need to get more into their music onstage!

Then, and only then, they might enter my top 5 favourite bands. Top 10. Top 20. Oh well….

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